In cases when a greater number of teeth are missing, and when the circumstances don't allow for fixed prosthetic substitutes, or when there is not a sufficient amount of bone structure for implants, or when the patient cannot afford it financially, we recommend mobile prosthetic substitutes.

Skeletal dentures are maximally reduced and comfortable for the patient to wear. Their base is made out of metal, which is covered with pink acrylic, and acrylic teeth. They can also be used in combined prosthetic substitutes, when a portion of the substitute is fixed to the remaining teeth, and various connective assemblies between fixed and mobile parts provide perfect stability for the dentures.

Classic dentures can be partial or complete/total, depending on whether there are any natural teeth remaining. They are considered a temporary solution, which enables chewing, as well as the conservation of the bone-joint system, whose integrity has been compromised in cases of partial or complete absence of teeth. A permanent solution would be a fixed prosthetic substitute, if there are any teeth remaining, or implants when the necessary conditions are met. A very common obstacle for the permanent solution is the financial situation of the patient, as well as the lack of necessary bone structure, which has to be supplemented by other surgical methods.

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