All-ceramic and zirconium-ceramic crowns and bridges

- All-ceramic and zirconium-ceramic crowns and bridges, CAD/CAM (Computer aided design/ Computer aided manufacture) technology and Digital Smile Design

The path of modern dentistry is leading towards substituting metal, whenever it is possible, with other, bio-compatible, or bio-inert materials, that is to say the body does not react to them, and does not change their composition in a wet environment, such as the one within the mouth cavity. That is why prosthetic substitutes are more and more often produced from all-ceramic, zirconium-ceramics, which does not contain metal as its base, and with its transparency perfectly imitates a natural tooth, and zirconium, with its properties, completely satisfies the structural hardness and durability. Design and durability of these substitutes is now completely done by a computer, which gives them outstanding precision, ideal morphology as well as the possibility for the patient to see, in advance, what his or her future teeth will look like, and, possibly, offer a suggestion before the manufacturing starts. Sometimes, using the Cut-back method, the outer layer of the crown is re-cut and, in that spot, the ceramic is modeled. This way we can achieve the desired shade and transparency so that the tooth fits perfectly with the neighboring ones or to fulfill some specific request of the patient. This is cutting edge technology in dental prosthetics, and will satisfy even the most specific and demanding patient.

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