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We can communicate with our patients in English as well as in German– all your needs will be met without any language barriers.

Biljana Dragicevic DMD (born in 1957)

specialized in Endodontics, Paradontology and oral medicine

Graduated in 1982. from University of Belgrade – Faculty of Dentistry. 
-in 1983. passed the state license exam at the Faculty of Dentistry in Belgrade. 
-in 1989. specialised in Endodontics, Paradontology and Oral medicine at the Faculty of Dentistry in Belgrade.  

Work experience: -over 30 years of experience as a practitioner of dentistry, from 1983 to 1991 in a public clinic, and since 1991 as a private practitioner (in a self-owned clinic).

Ivona Frölich DMD (born in 1982)

specialized in orthodontics

-in 2009 graduated from University of Belgrade – Faculty of Dentistry.
-in 2010 finished her internship at Vracar Health centre, and passed the state license exam.
-in 2021 specialized in jaws orthopedics/orthodontics at the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Belgrade.

Work experience: over 12 years of experience in private practice.
Through the program of continuous education, she acquires knowledge in modern and aesthetic dentistry. Certificates for: Myobrace (myofunctional therapy), Tweed technique and biomechanics, Mini-implants in the alveolar processus. Member of the Orthodontic Association of Serbia.

Ivana Novakovic, nurse (born in 1991)

dentistry nurse and dental technician

- in 2010. graduated from Secondary School for Dental Technicians
-in 2012. finished re-qualifying for the profession of dentistry nurse and passed the state license exam, when she joined the 'Ivodent' team.

Tanja Narodovic, nurse (born in 1991)

dentistry nurse

-in 2010. graduated from Secondary Medical School, dentistry nurse course
-in 2011. passed the state license exam
-in 2014. joined the 'Ivodent' team

Christian Froelich, physiotherapist


licensed for manual lymphatic drainage and physiotherapy

Professional associates and consultants:

• Professor Vladimir Kokovic DMD – specialist of oral surgery and implantology
• Assistant professor Bojan Jovicic DMD – specialist of periodontal dentistry and oral medicine
• Professor Predrag Nikolic DMD – specialist of orthodontics
• dr spec.Toni Malbasic – specialist of oral surgery

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