- Implantology is becoming a more and more popular field of dentistry, and patients are showing more and more interest in it. Important to know is, that it's a very expensive solution for replacing removed teeth with fairly limited indications, and it is advisable to avoid dentists who only consider it from a commercial point of view, disregarding its success rates and longevity. One very important condition which must be met for implantation is the presence of a jaw bone in the location where the implant is to be placed. The jaw bone needs to be of sufficient height, width and density and free of osteoporosis. For this reason, the patients who want to inform themselves about the possibility of implantation, should come to their scheduled appointment bringing an x-ray and a 3D image of the toothless region. Only after a detailed inspection of the images and a routine control, followed by a consultation with an oral surgeon, we will offer our opinion regarding the procedure. Our general position is that implantology should be performed by a specialist with a significant amount of experience, for whom this procedure is a routine task. Unskilled implantation can have serious consequences such as: open sinuses, nerve damage in this region with long lasting, painful consequences, profound bleeding in case of damage caused to major blood vessels, and one of the most common ones – loss of implants, alongside the surrounding bone tissue, which leads to an even greater problem that needs to be solved. However, if the anatomic elements listed above are present, and if the procedure is performed by an expert, implants, which are later reinforced by a prosthetic support, can be an extremely comfortable and high quality solution for the patient.

Implant systems which we use are: Straumann, Astra Tech and Isomed.

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