Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that deals with the prevention and correction of irregularities in the position of teeth, jaws and bite in children and adults. Crowding teeth makes it difficult to maintain proper hygiene, which leads to frequent inflammation of the gums and a tendency to tooth decay. Also, various interarch relationship irregularities lead to incorrect distribution of forces during chewing, and thus endangering the supporting tissue of teeth and later periodontitis. That is why it is important to resolve these malocclusions in a timely manner, before such consequences occur. Possibilities for the success of orthodontic therapy are greatest at the age of growth and development, but therapy to correct certain abnormalities can be performed in adult patients, too. A detailed orthodontic analysis of each patient, brings us to definitive plan of orthodontic therapy, decision on how to put the teeth and jaws in the correct relationship and position, as well as planning retention after the active phase of therapy. It includes clinical and functional analysis of the patient, analysis of study casts, X-rays ( panoramic and profile teleradiography, and in some cases 3D radiography), as well as photographic analysis. Each patient, each malocclusion, is an individual case and requires a very thorough and dedicated approach, which you will certainly get from our team of experts.

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