Fixed and mobile prosthetics

Prosthetics is a branch of dentistry in charge of replacing removed teeth as well as surrounding soft and hard tissue which are lost as a result of their removal. Fixed prosthetic substitutes are permanently fixed to the remaining teeth, while mobile prosthetic substitutes are removable, and the patient may extract and return them themselves for hygienic purposes. There are also combined substitutes in which one part is fixed to the remaining teeth, while another part is mobile. Prosthetics enables us to rehabilitate patients who suffer from periodontitis, to successfully solve patients' problems, such as reduced vertical facial dimension (malocclusion), and help patients with pronounced irregularities in teeth alignment or pronounced crowding of teeth, so that they can finally have a smile on their faces.

Periodontal diseases:

Periodontitis is a very common disease, with a prevalence of 50% of the population. It is a progressive set of inflammatory diseases affecting the tissues that surround and support teeth, which causes loose teeth and subsequently tooth loss. The treatment involves a complete removal of gingival defects (known as “pockets”) and their infected content, in the first phase. The next phase includes prosthetic substitute which ensures correctly balanced teeth and stops further progressing of the disease. Besides the recovery of the function, this gives an extraordinary aesthetical solution.


Reduced vertical face dimension:

Losing of teeth is losing of the regular proportion of upper and lower jaws . It loosens facial muscles, wrinkles mouth area and makes an aged expression altogether. Another cause of the reduced vertical face dimension is abrasion (wearing out) of tooth tissue. It is caused either by bruxism ( involuntarily, nonfunctional gnashing, grinding, and clenching of teeth, usually during sleep) or bad quality of tooth tissue that wears out rapidly endangering tooth nerve which is extremely painful in the advanced stages. Prosthetic replacement of the lost tissue brings back a smile to your face and rejuvenates the whole appearance at the same time.


Irregular teeth position and discoloured teeth:

Irregular teeth position, except from looking unappealing, disables regular hygienic process in the tooth areas that stay out of reach, which causes gum inflammation in those areas, periodontitis and cavities. Applying an adequate prosthetic treatment gives the ideal aesthetical and functional solution in the shortest period, as well as it makes the initial problems disappear.


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