Esthetic dentistry and plastic surgery

Esthetics play a major role in the modern world. The first, visual impression we make on other people, before they have a chance to discover our other inner qualities, is of great importance. Many resort to expensive, and demanding plastic surgery procedures, without achieving the desired effect. The secret is in the fact that the reduced vertical dimension of the lower third of the face significantly influences your appearance, and contributes to its aged look. Returning that dimension to its proper size contributes to a more pleasing look of the whole face, adding fullness to the lips, reducing or erasing nasal and labial wrinkles, even changes the position of the chin and nose. Only after reshaping the dimensions of the lower third of their face, the patient can continue to use various face-lifting methods offered by plastic surgery, if they find it necessary, and achieve a completely satisfying effect.

A beautiful smile opens all doors and paths, and is always a welcome sight. So, enable yourself to always have one, and be able to wear it with pride and enjoyment.

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